Over 100 (so far!) unsolicited Comments from Clients and Candidates


As a relationship driven agency, we strive to make every interaction with us a positive one. Here's what some of our hiring managers, corporate recruiters and candidates have said about their experience with The Mortgage Headhunter:

Hiring Managers

  • "TMH is one of the best in the biz! Let's get him signed on for us." Steve S., President and CEO

  • "You have been good to us and we don't say thanks enough. Thank you. Tom W., Chief Executive Officer

  • "TMH has been a loyal business partner who has been instrumental in the growth of our market share in several markets." Stephen S., Chief Operating Officer

  • "Gary,they have helped us out a great deal over the years and bring quality people." Andy H., VP, Regional Sales Director

Hiring Managers

  • "Great relationships are certainly difficult to come by . Trust is something that is few and far between and you have earned mine. " Greg N., National Sales Manager

  • "Great Guy! I really like him. He would be a good fit for the company." D.P., First Vice President

  • "I know you will find the right candidate." Dave M., Senior Vice President, Divisional President

  • "When it's a Mortgage Headhunter referral, we call back immediately. We know they deliver talent and don't waste our time. They are great to work with." Rick L., Vice President/Regional Sales Manager

Hiring Managers

  • "You and TMH are my go to recruiters! Keep 'em coming!" D.B., Regional Sales Manager

  • "I loved her! Exactly what I'm looking for. Can you duplicate her??" T.B., Senior Vice President

  • "We should also thank you for the great hires.....thanks." Margaret P., Division Manager

  • "The Mortgage Headhunter does a lot of management placements for us and other major players. They work with major players nationwide and are well respected in the industry as a leading agency of quality management." Tammy F., First Vice President

Hiring Managers

  • "We met for lunch today I would like to get an application sent to him ASAP. He's a quality professional and I believe that he would be an excellent fit for us." D.P., Regional President

  • "I'm writing to let you know how much I appreciated the very professional experience I had in dealing with you. Thank you so much for going above and beyond to assist me in hiring quality candidates. You brought me only the candidates that fit our needs and at the top on their field. You will be my first call for future needs." T.W., Area Manager

  • "We have talked with a few candidates and would like to put them up against someone from you, considering the quality of your folks, keep them coming." Joe F., Regional Sales Manager

  • "Please discuss this candidate with Don. Don is building a team and needs your expert recruiting assistance to help him build this region." David M., Division President

Hiring Managers

  • "It has been a great pleasure to work with you. Your continued persistence and thoroughness will be great assets in filling out the rest of my team this year. I have really enjoyed working with you. Your professionalism on keeping me on task has been outstanding." Kent H., Area Manager

  • "He is awesome and is really killing it. He started on a Monday and had 4 loans CLOSED by Friday. If we could just clone him! He has a great personality as well." Brian G, Division Manager

  • "Julie's very nice too. You both do a great job." Shilo G., Vice President

  • "Thanks very much. I enjoy working with Julie and will owe her BIG if we get some homeruns in Philly while I am there." Patti K., Midwest Regional Manager

  • "Thanks Elaine. You're the bomb!" Gail D., Regional President

Corporate Recruiters

  • "I'd recommend The Mortgage Headhunter; they are definitely worth a try for you on the west coast. Their customer service skills are second-to-none!" Sherri C., Corporate Recruiter

  • "Working with Elain and Julie is so great, so thorough...makes my job easier too!" T.W., Area Manager

  • "We have talked with a few candidates and would like to put them up against someone from you, considering the quality of your folks, keep them coming." RB., Corporate Recruiter

Corporate Recruiters

  • " The Mortgage Headhunter will be working with you now. They have brought us more qualified candidates in his first few months than most other Agencies do in a year!" Cliff T., Corporate Recruiter

  • " I am pleased to tell you that your agency was the # 1 ranked Agency by our managers for quality placements of all firms we used last year.I would like to have you meet with our executives out here, get to know us better, and talk about better ways to partner in the future." CB., Corporate Recruiter

  • We recently ranked all 14 agencies we worked with the last 2 years. We looked at production per hire and retention. You were ranked #1 last year and #2 the year prior. We will be using only 3 agencies going forward and are pleased you were selected. We will be contacting you. John S., Corporate Recruiter