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About Our Agency

Established in 2000 by a 15-year Banking Executive (and Army Veteran) with the vision of leveraging his industry and leadership expertise to help others with their career transition. Since then, nearly 1,000 Mortgage Professionals, from Presidents to Processors, have trusted us to assist in one of their most important life decisions. We greatly value your trust and strive to show our appreciation by being fully transparent and always putting your needs first.

Trust is the foundation of every relationship and the ultimate key to our success.

Casey Brady Founder
Company History

Did you ever meet someone who would forever change your professional career? For me, it was a Recruiter, Bill Lord, who in 1985 took an interest in a young Army Captain and helped me chart a career path in an unknown business world. I knew then that one day, I would also help people facing uncertainty and find a better career and life. With eternal gratitude and support from my bride, we started the business in 2000 by cold calling off business cards from tradeshow (no Linked In, no Monster, heck no company websites then!) and grew to 7 employees before the infamous implosion in 2007. 22+ years later, we still enjoy helping others find that right match.


Know someone who’s entertaining career opportunities? Maybe relocating? Most of our business today is referral based and we’re sure your friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness. We certainly will and promise to promptly follow up and provide courteous, professional advice and assistance.

Thank you for thinking of us.


Ever thought of recruiting? If you have been in a mortgage related business for a 10 plus years, preferably with hiring authority experience (or are a mortgage recruiter) we'd like to hear from you.

Must be self-motivated, independent, and conscientious with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Our commitment is professional, responsive, quality service to both clients and candidates. Income is limited only by your own ambition.

We do work with a network of independent recruiters, located in several states. Our clients are hand picked and some of industry's best lenders. We offer a rich database of prospective candidates, an abundance of job orders and a recruiting system sure to help you be successful.

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