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Career Match is essentially a "score card" provided to employers* that compares and analyzes their hiring criteria with the Career Profile of candidates (job seekers) they select online.
Employers select candidates to interview
after reviewing anonymous profiles on our site

An overall matching percentage is calculated based upon 20 plus mortgage specific skills, including: experience, motivation and job stability.
Employers know immediately if there is a potential fit

We introduce the opportunity, answer all questions, assess their interest level, validate their resumes and help them properly market themselves.
Candidates create a Career Profile online
and define jobs and companies of interest

A complete profile and resume is provided to the hiring manager once we are satisfied there is a fit and they have expressed an interest in applying.
Candidate confidentiality is strictly maintained -
no personal information is released without permission.

We then work closely with both parties throughout the hiring process.

*Mortgage Career Match is only available to employers under contract that have provided thorough information on their products, services, culture, and hiring criteria.

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