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Eatonton GA 31024
Phone: 404-644-5347

Code of Ethics

We are in the relationship business and the cornerstone of every relationship, business or personal, is trust. We strive to earn the trust of every person we work with by following a very simple philosophy*:

"We will never knowingly place our personal interest before that of either our client or a candidate."

To earn and keep your trust, we will:
  • Always strive to accurately represent our clients and their opportunities
  • Always strive to accurately represent our candidates and their background
  • Never release a candidates name without their permission
  • Never disparage any other company or candidate, and
  • Never compromise our integrity
Making a career decision is a very serious matter, and we thank you for trusting us to help you.

* With grateful appreciation to Bill Lord of Everett Kelly and Associates who placed me in my first job when I left the military in 1985.
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